Conceptual Design

Hood Tech Mechanical’s engineers begin the development of any new product with a conceptual design. In the drawing below, an example is given of one step in the design process: the visual layout of a new product.

The Mark 4 , the latest of Hood Tech Mechanical’s launchers, began as a concept illustrated by this drawing.

And became this prototype.

Product Development

The chart below shows the steps in the product development process followed by Hood Tech Mechanical.

System Integration

Hood Tech Mechanical develops a complete system until it is fully functional.  We work with our customers to make sure all sub-systems are working and well integrated with the overall system.

For example, Hood Tech Mechanical was called on to integrate a tethered balloon system using a pair of Hood Tech video cameras. After developing the housing for the cameras, and the attachment system to link the payload with the balloon line, Hood Tech also devised a pitch leveling system, the electronic signal links, supporting software, a user interface, ground equipment, and a manual describing the system and how to operate it (Tethered Balloon System Manual).

Product Support

Hood Tech Mechanical provides product support in the form of performance prediction, technical support and verification testing.  In the example that follows, Hood Tech Mechanical developed analytical tools to predict launcher performance.


Hood Tech Mechanical produces clear and concise manuals, videos, and on-site instruction to assure facile and safe use of all our products.

For an additional illustration of training materials, you may wish to view the following video.

Superwedge HP Upgrade Training Video